Biohazard News: New HIV Strain Identified in Vancouver BC

As if the threats posed by IV drug use in homeless encampments in the Seattle area aren’t bad enough, recent news from Vancouver, British Columbia, should be of concern to those in Washington State.  Vancouver is just a short drive north of our border, and we expect it’s only a matter of time before this new health threat makes its way south.

All the more reason that cleanup of any homeless encampment (or even cleanup from just one squatter) should be left to biohazard cleanup professionals who are trained and have the equipment to deal properly with blood-borne pathogens like HIV.

DO NOT handle discarded needles and syringes without proper protective equipment.  Even better, contact a professional biohazard cleanup company to take care of it safely.

The challenge with cleanup of homeless encampments and squatters in the Seattle area is a major issue facing local governments, but it also can affect property owners living nearby those sites.  Discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia are routinely found in parks, near schools, behind retail establishments, and even on private property. It’s not enough to pick up the trash and dispose of it. In fact, unless you’ve been trained in biohazard abatement and have the proper protective equipment and disposal methods, you could actually be exposing yourself and others to health risks.

Our biohazard cleanup crews have been trained in the safe handling of used needles and syringes as well as the identification and removal of other health threats associated with homeless dwellings.  We currently offer these services in the Seattle area. If you require homeless encampment cleanup in another area in the Pacific Northwest, please call us at (877) 684-9753 to see what is available.



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